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Hatchett Family Bible of Marion Jasper and Sarah Anne Hatchett

Hatchett Family Bible of Marion Jasper and Sarah Anne Hatchett (1800's Georgia), 
transcribed 1978 and Feb 2007, 
"Hatchett Documents - M.J. Hatchett Bible" (online hatchetts.com)
[Original data: original bible and photographic copies of the bible,
in possession of Mrs. Fannie Walton, GA, current owner unknown.]

Transcribed by Steve Hatchett and Lillie Bowden from original bible and 
photographic copies of the bible. At the time (1978) the bible was in the 
possession of Mrs. Fannie Walton, in the area of Peach County, Ga. Original 
spellings have been retained. Entries appear to be by three hands. Before the 
death of Sarah Ann Brown, all entries by one hand (probably Sarah Ann's). Entries 
starting with Sarah's death until 1906 by a second hand (M.J. Hatchett's?),
and entries from 1908 on in a third hand.

Presented to Mrs. Sarah A. Hatchett
by M.J. Hatchet 1884
Pg 1
   Holy Matrimony
Marion Jasper Hatchett of one part
and Sarah Ann Brown of the other part.
on the 23rd of January, A.D. 1859
by Green B. Robins in Merriwether Co. Ga.
Witness F.M. Hatchett Witness John W. See
pg 2
William G. Hickman and Mary Eliza Hatchett was married A.D. June the 9eth 1887
Charley Oscar Joyner and Minnie Lee Hatchett was
married A.D. Feb. the 26eth 1893
John Thomas Hatchett and Lee Belle See was
Married A.D. Dec the 6eth 1894
William Ezekiel Wells and Lular Jane Hatchett
was Married A.D. Nov the 24eth 1895
James Marion Hatchett and Lacy Alice Davis
was Married A.D. Dec. 6, 1896
pg 3
Marion Jasper Hatchett was bornd A.D. January the 23erd 1833
Saraha Ann Brown Wife of M.J. Hatchett was bornd A.D. June the 28eth 1839
Juliar Ann Hatchett was bornd A.D. Nov the 18eth 1860
Mary Eliza Hatchett was bornd A.D. Oct the 14eth 1861
John Thomas Hatchett was bornd A.D. July the 4eth 1865
Saraha Susan Hatchett was bornd A.D. Jan the 8eth 1867
William Jasper Hatchett was bornd A.D. May the 23erd 1868
Syntha Ann Hatchett was bornd A.D. March the 10eth, 1870
Lular Jane Hatchett was bornd A.D. June the 1est, 1872
James Marin Hatchett was bornd A.D. Nov. the 2ond, 1873
Mineria Lee Hatchett was bornd A.D. Feb. the 11eth, 1875
Emry Alace Hatchett was bornd A.D. Oct. the 16eth, 1876
Pinckney Frncis Hatchett was bornd A.D. Dec. the 23erd 1878
Ninnia Christentine Hatchett was bornd A.D. Dec the 25eth 1881
pg 4
Juliar Ann Hatchett Died A.D. Nov the 19eth 1860
Saraha Susen Hatchett died A.D. August the 19eth 1867
Syntha Ann Hatchett Died A.D. August the 8eth 1874
Willim Jasper Hatchett died A.D. March the 25eth 1893
Sarah Ann Hatchett died Dec the 24eth
A.D. 1904 Being the Wife of M.J. Hatchett
John Thomas Hatchett Died A.D.
February the 5eth 1906
Marian Jasper Hatchett died A.D. Apr.
26. 1908.
Ninnia Christentine Hatchett Wilder died
Aug. 3. 1912 A.D.
Pinkney Francis Hatchett died A.D. Dec. 1932