Hatchett Documents - Family History from Edward Hatchett

The following is contained in the diary of John Hatchett, immediately following the last entry of Wm. R. Hatchett. It appears to be the handwriting of William Russell Hatchett, the son and only child of John Hatchett. The only explanation I can give for this account is that the source is Edward Hatchett Jr., son of Edward and Agnes Hatchett, and grandson of John Hatchett the immigrant. It was written by Wm. R. Hatchett, but appears to have been copied from an account that had been written down earlier by William's father John Hatchett (who was not alive in 1842), and slightly edited to bring it up to date (i.e. the age of Edward Hatchett given on the third page). My reason for this theory is that the document refers to William Hatchett as "my grandfather", and John Hatchett as "my great grandfather". Those relationships would have been true for John Hatchett (Wm. R. Hatchett's father), but not for Wm. R. Hatchett, nor for Edward Hatchett. The text below is a literal translation of the original text, with my notes in square brackets. The square brackets and what is within them is not in the actual document. I have also literally kept the line breaks as present in the original document, and have placed single blank lines separating pages to fully convey the actual format of the original.

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Genealogical account of the Hatchetts
as given by Edward Hatchett Pittsylvania Cty Va
 John Hatchett my great grandfather came from
England when a boy (date not known, say 1700) he
married a daughter of Josiah Bass, a wealthy
man, against the will of her parents, who in con
=sequence disinherited her. The children of
John Hatchett were William (my grandfather)
the eldest of the boys, Thomas the 2d, John the 3d, 
& Edward the youngest. Thos married &
settled in Charlotte cty; his sons were Wm &
Thos. The sd. Wm married & died, and his 
son Wm. is living in Caswell cty. NC. and
Thos. was killed in the revolutionary war in
S. Carolina near Charlestown whilst guar
=ding some British prisoners in a barn. They became
mutinous, & he sprang in among them & some
of the guard firing in at the same time, he
was accidentally shot. John 3d son of Englishman
Hatchett lived & died in Chesterfield cty, leaving
two sons, John & Josiah & several girls one

of the girls married a Mr. Furqueren. another
married a Tolbert. John was a Carpenter &
industrious man & probably died in Chesterfield.
Josiah moved to Long Cane, S. Carolina in
the time of the revolutionary war, having a wife
& 2 or 3 children, his wife was Tabitha, daughter
of Thos. Hatchett Sr?. Edw.d, youngest son of Eng.
Hatchett, lived & died in Lunenburg cty, near
the double bridges, having raised a family of 5 boys,
viz., Archer, Thos., Edw.d & Wm & Rob't the youngest,
who died a bachelor 30 years old or more, & two girls
who married men by the name of Chafin. Ar
=cher dyed in Georgia in the time of the Revolution,
& was or had been Captain of a Row Galley under
Commodore Hardy. Thos lived & died in Char
                                & two girls Harriet & Phibby)
lotte Va. & left a family of 5 boys ^, Archer, John,
Thos, Wm, and Edw.d, all of whom have moved to Ten
nessee, but Wm. resides in Louisa cty or Hanover,
is a Baptist preacher. Phibby married Jno. [John] Foster,
moved to Tennessee, Harriet married a Chafin &
[moved?] also moved to Tennessee.

Edw.d 3d son is still living in Pittsylvania cty. 
at the advanced age of 86 yrs 6 mos. His sons are
Berryman, Banister, Archer, Harrison, Wm
& Edw.d. - Berryman & Archer live in Ky. Banister
in Mississippi.- Harrison a Methodist preacher, 
& Wm lives in Sangamo [Sagamon] cty, Ill. also two of the girls,
their husbands names are Jno. George and Daniel Dew.
one married a Mr. Moor & has moved to Ioway territory.
Edw.d the youngest son & Elizabeth eldest daughter still
live in Pittsva cty. Elisabeth married a Mr. Bays.
Wm the 4th son of Edw.d who was the youngest son
of John Hatchett the Englishman, married & moved
to Georgia; his wife was a grand daughter of Wm Hatchett
Sr & daughter of Frank Roberts of Charlotte, his eldest
son was named John, the rest of the ^ family not
recollected. - John Hatchett the Englishman
had 3 daughters who married men named Belcher,
Perdue, & Mann: A daughter of Jno. Hatchett, 3d
son of the Engmn.[Englishman] married a Talbert. Thos. grandson
of the Engm. & and son of Ed. Hatchett Sr. had several daug
hters; one married a Vaughn, 2[?] ^ Fosters, & a Chafin