Hatchett Documents - Family History from Edward Hatchett

The following appeared in the pamphlet "A Short Narrative of the Life of John Hatchett" transcribed by Dr. Joseph D. Eggleston, and printed by The Farmville Herald in the mid 1900's. The Farmville Herald has kindly given hatchetts.com permission to reprint the contents here.

A Short Narrative of the Life of John Hatchett, 
John Hatchett (edited by Dr. Joseph D. Eggleston), 
"Hatchett Documents - Family History from Edward Hatchett" (online hatchetts.com)
[Original data: The Farmville Herald.]

The following is the third and final section of a manuscript transcribed and edited by Dr. Eggleston. Given the ages, and present tense of certain parts, it seems that this was written around 1840. Although we can't know for sure, I think this is an account of the Hatchetts written down by William R. Hatchett from information given him by Edward Hatchett. It's not specifically mentioned which Edward Hatchett gave the information. There are two living Edward Hatchetts mentioned. One of the Edwards was 86 years old at the time. This Edward was the son of Edward Hatchett, and grandson of John Hatchett "the immigrant". The other Edward was the son of the older Edward, and I think he was the source of the information. - Steve Hatchett, hatchetts.com

(The following narrative is from an old manuscript loaned to me by Mrs. Louise
Leonard, Route 3, Petersburg, Virginia. I have not attempted to edit the
manuscript except in the few places where it was neccessary in order to make
the sense clearer.      J.D. Eggleston)

(Eggleston's note: In the same manuscript book with the two accounts, is the
Genealogical account of the Hatchetts as given by Edward Hatchett, Pittsylvania
County, Va.
John Hatchett, my great grandfather, came from England when a boy (date not
known, say 1700); he married a daughter of Josiah Bass, a wealthy man, against
the will of her parents, who in consequence disinherited her. The children of
John Hatchett were William (my grandfather), the eldest of the boys, Thomas the
2d, John the 3d, and Edward the youngest. Thos married and settled in Charlotte
city; his sons were Wm and Thos. The said Wm died, and his son Wm. is living in
Caswell cty, N. C., and Thos. was killed in the revolutionary war in S. Carolina
near Charleston whilst guarding some British prisoners in a barn. They became
mutinous, and he sprang in among them and some of the guard firing in at the
same time, he was accidentally shot.
   John 3d son of Englishman Hatchett lived and died in Chesterfield cty, leaving
two sons, John and Josiah and several girls; one of the girls married a Mr.
Furqueren; another married a Tolbert. John was a carpenter, an industrious man,
and probably died in Chesterfield. Josiah moved to Long Cane, S. Carolina in the
time of the revolutionary war, having a wife and 2 or 3 children; his wife was
Tabitha, daughter of Thos Hatchett.
   Edward, youngest son of English Hatchett, lived and died in Lunenburgh cty,
near the double bridges, having raised a family of 5 boys, viz., Archer, Thos.,
Edw and William and Robert the youngest, who died a bachelor 30 years old or
more, and two girls who married men by the name of Chafin. Archer died in
Georgia in the time of the Revolution, was or had been Captain of a Row Galley
under Commodore Hardy. Thos lived and died in Charlotte, Va., and left a family
of 5 boys (and two girls Harriet and Pheby), Archer, John, Thos, Wm, and Edward,
all of whom have moved to Tennessee, but Wm resides in Louisa cty or Hanover, is
a Baptist preacher. Phibby married Jno Foster, moved to Tennessee, Harriet
married a Chafin (Chapin?) and also moved to Tennessee.
   Edward 3d son is still living in Pittsylvania cty, at the advanced age of 86
(it looks like 86-J. D. E.) yrs 6 mos. His sons are Berryman, Banister, Archer,
Harrison, Wm and Edw. Berryman and Archer live in Ky. Banister in Mississippi;
Harrison, a Methodist preacher, and Wm lives in Sangamo cty, Ill also two of
the girls, their husbands' names are Jno George and Daniel Dew. (This is
uncertain, the leaf is worn-J. D. E.); one married a Mr. Moor and has moved to
Ioway territory. Edw. the youngest son and Elizabeth eldest daughter still live
in Pittsv cty. Elizabeth married a Mr. B(ays?).
   Wm the 4th son of Edw who was the youngest son of John Hatchett the
Englishman, married and moved to Georgia; his wife was a grand daughter of Wm
Hatchett Sr and daughter of Frank Roberts of Charlotte, his eldest son was named
John, the rest of the (names) family not recollected.
   John Hatchett the Englishman had 3 daughters who married men named Belcher,
Perdue, and Mann. A daughter of John Hatchett 3d, son of the Englishman, married
a Talbert. Thos grandson of the Englishman, and son of Ed Hatchett Sr, had
several daughters; one married a Vaughn, 3 (?) married Fosters (?), and one a
Chafin (?); one married John (unable to read it-J. D. E.); Patty married a Neal,
2d husband. Frank Roberts married a Marshall.