Hatchett Documents - Notes of William R. Hatchett

The following appeared in the pamphlet "A Short Narrative of the Life of John Hatchett" transcribed by Dr. Joseph D. Eggleston, and printed by The Farmville Herald in the mid 1900's. The Farmville Herald has kindly given hatchetts.com permission to reprint the contents here.

A Short Narrative of the Life of John Hatchett, 
John Hatchett (edited by Dr. Joseph D. Eggleston), 
"Hatchett Documents - Family History from Edward Hatchett" (online hatchetts.com)
[Original data: The Farmville Herald.]

The following is the second section of a manuscript transcribed and edited by Dr. Eggleston. This portion was written by William R. Hatchett in 1840. William was the son of the John Hatchett that wrote the main part of the manuscript. - Steve Hatchett, hatchetts.com

(The following narrative is from an old manuscript loaned to me by Mrs. Louise
Leonard, Route 3, Petersburg, Virginia. I have not attempted to edit the
manuscript except in the few places where it was neccessary in order to make
the sense clearer.      J.D. Eggleston)

(Eggleston's note: In the following pages are the writings of Wm. R. Hatchett, 
whom I judge to have been the son of John. His name, on the inside front cover,
has the date of Sept. 1, 1840:)

   My mother's name was Nancy Russell, daughter of Wm. Russell. My grandfather
Wm. Russell had two wives-his first wife was the widow Cannon (who had one son
James Cannon), by whom he had 5 children, to wit, Joe, Ned, William, James, and
Molly. His second wife was Ann Furguson, by whom he had four children, to wit,
John, Thomas, Nancy and Peggy. John got a fall from his horse, which fractured
his scull and occasioned his death. My mother Nancy dyed when I was about 9
months old, of consumption, and my father John Hatchett never married again.
   Thomas Russell married Nancy Parish and moved to the Missouri; he had 4
children, Fanny, who married a Flood, Nancy who married a Rowton, Elisabeth who
married a Dr. Dryden, who came from Ireland when quite young, and a son named
Hocket. Peggy Russell married Wm. Davies, by whom he had two children, John
Thomas and Nancy, and died of consumption. Wm. Davies moved to North Carolina
and married again, a Miss Penick, by whom he had several children. The above
daughter Nancy died when just grown up, and John Thomas is married.
  I married Polly Womack, daughter of Tignal Womack, and grand daughter of Wm
Womack. My wife's mother was Nancy Rudder. (Her mother's mother was a Mumford,
her father's mother a Bland) ; they had 11 children, to wit, Polly, Archer, Sam,
William, Nancy, Richard, Clarinda, James, Eliza, Martha, and Allen. Tignal Womack
moved to Kentucky, Greenup County, in the fall of 1816, and there died. His
daughter Martha died when just grown up; the rest of the children all married.
           Wm R. Hatchett.