Hatchett Documents - Georgia Marriages

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Oglethorpe County

Oglethorpe County Georgia Marriage Books, compiled 1977,
"Hatchett Documents - Georgia Marriages" (online hatchetts.com)
[Original data: Family History Library, Microfilm# 21501 pt.1 (158729)]

Compiled by Steve Hatchett from microfilm of original.

pg. 197
Jan. 22 1805 (abstract) Robert Jones and Betsy Halchite (Hatchitt?)

pg. 293
May 24 John Barker and Jane Hatchett
FACT OF CEREMONY (recorded pg 86 original will Book "A")
I do hereby certify that on the 25th of May 1824,
I joined in holy matrimony Jno. Barker and Jane Hatchett
                                    Leonard A. Young J.P.
pg. 314
July 28 Edward Hatchett and Harriet L. Ogden
FACT OF CEREMONY (recorded pg 116 original will Book "A")
I joined together Edward Hatchett and Harriet Ogden, given under
my hand this day 28 July 1828   L. B. Kennebraw