Hatchett Documents - John See Civil War Records

John See (father of Levi P. See) served in the 28th Regiment Georgia Volunteers. Although 49 years old, he joined early in the war, probably to keep an eye out for his sons. He soon died of disease; a fate that befell many thousands of soldiers in the Civil War.

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John See Letter 1861

image of the top of John See letter 1861
Top of John See letter
John See Letter 1861, transcribed Feb 2007,
"Hatchett Documents - John See Civil War Records" (online hatchetts.com)
[Original data: Photocopy of original letter, owner of original unknown]

Transcribed by Steve Hatchett from photostatic copy of original.
Original spelling and punctuation retained.

Richmon Va  Nov the 18 1861
Dear wife I will drop you a few lines to let
you no that I am well at this time and
hop that you and the Babys ar all well
We left Grantvill thirday a bought 11 clock
and got to atlantta at dark and left at
7 clock for Agasta and laned at Agusta at
5 clock in the morning. We left agusta  at a
bought sunup got to Collumbay fryday night
and day over tell Satday morning We then
started for Richmon we laned hear tonight
a bought dark We ar all hear to night in the
town of richmon and a town it is. We came
through rolla N.C. through petersburg and to richmon
We war from thirday 11 clock tell Sunday night
commingWe had a fine time coming to this place
our ridgment is going to Manassa and we have
to go tomorrow we will start at 7 clock
in the morning for Manassa the news rech hear
to day that they war fighting up thar
Wife when I left home did not know that
I shud leav but I am a long way from home
to night siting righting on my trunk
I do not know that I ever shal seay
home again or not but I want you to take
car of my children and be a good girl to all the
children Do the best you can tel I come home
(page 2)
Jane giv my love to all you people and my children
tell John to tak sum intrust for you and me
While I am gone. Jane I want you to take care
of my little babys tell I com back agane
John my son I want you to take car of my
littl matter I want you to sow my wheat and
oat and see that the boys work
John I meet Wm Phelf (Phelps?) on his way home and
he to me that Hartwell was on his way
home I hope that he will git safe home
tell him I wish I was thar to injoy his
return tell him if he dos git home to take
good care of himself I hop that I shal 
live to see all my children one more time in 
life I think that I will see Gorge up
at Manassas. Tell Hart if he gits home that
I shud a bin at home if it had not bin for
him but I hop that he will git home safe
I will close by saying not to right tell 
you receve another letter from mee
   John See to Sarh J. See

Georgia Confederate Records

Georgia Confederate Records, transcribed Feb 2007,
"Hatchett Documents - John See Civil War Records" (online hatchetts.com)
[Original data: Confederate Soldier Records, Georgia Dept. of Archives and History]

Transcribed by Steve Hatchett from photostatic copy of original.

Written on outside of folder:
No. 22657 Account John See deceased,
Pr. of Capt Moors Co E, 28th Ga Vols Reg't
Due $88.56 appropriation pay of officers and privates of the
Army - Volunteers, Militia, etc.
Sent Certificate Feb 14th 1865
reported Jany 25th 1865
confirmed Feb 9 1865

Document 1

State of Georgia  }  In this Sixth day of Mar 1863, personally
Meriwether County }  appeared before me the subscriber a Justice
A B Howard        }  of the peace for said county, Sarah Jane See,
who after being sworn according to law depose and says that she is
the wife of John See deceased who was a private of Capt. Moors Com,
E 28th Regt Ga Vol. commanded by Colonel Wortham in the service of 
the Confederate States in the present war with the US. That the
said John See entered service in Meriwether Co State of Ga on or
about the last of Nov 1861 and -?- died at Manassa Va, on 26th Dec
1861, with Typhoid Pneumonia leaving a wife and three children
That she makes this deposition for the purpose of obtaining from
the Government of the Confederate State whatever may have been due
the said John See at the time of his death for pay, bounty or other
allowances for his services as a private Soldier.
Sworn to and subscribed before me this 16th day March 1863.
A.B. Howard JP }          Sarah + See
on the same day and year afore said also appears before me a Justice
of the Jiae? Charles Findley who is well known to me and whom I hereby
certify to be a person of varacity and credibility, who having been
by me duly sworn says that on oath that he is well acquainted with
Sarah Jan See the Claimant, and also well knew for several years the 
deceased soldier herein mentioned and that the statement made under
oath by said Sarah Jane See the claimant as to the relationship to the
said deceased soldier is true and correct in every particulars the the
best of his knowledge and belief and that the said Charles Findley is 
wholy disinterested
sworn to this 16th day March 1863
A.B. Howard JP.}      Charles Findley

Document 2

                         to JnW See Admtr of John See, deceased
                         late private of Capt Moors Co. E
                         28th Reg't Georgia Vols
 For pay of said deceased from Nov 20th the date of enlistment to 
 Dec 26th 1861 the date of his death inclusive 1 month + 7 days
 @ $11 per mnoth                        $13.56
 Commutation for clothing                25.00
 Bounty                                  50.00
 This claim should be made out in the name of Jno W See Admtr the
 decd having enlisted before the act which entitles the widow +c to
 the pay - see opinion of Atty Gent F--- illegible
    As per alforts? herewith
 Payable to John W See Administrator
 Greenvile PO
 Meriwether County Georgie
 Treasury Department, Second Auditor's Office
 Jany 25th 1865
 Comptroller's Office
 Feby 9 1865
There are some additional minor documents I have not yet transcribed.