Hatchett Documents - Levi P. See Civil War Records

Levi Pharoah See served as a private in the 2nd Georgia Battalion Reserves, later the 5th Regiment Georgia Reserves, and finally, attached to the 3rd Georgia Regiment in the last days of the war. The Reserves were typically teenagers and old men who served such duties as prison guards and local security forces. As can be seen in Levi's letter below, toward the end of the war they were sent back and forth between Georgia and the Carolinas attempting to stop the Union raids. He was captured when the 3rd Ga. Regiment met Wilson's Raid near Columbus, Georgia, one of the last engagements of the Civil War.

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Georgia Confederate Veterans Pension Records

Georgia Confederate Veterans Pension Records, transcribed Feb 2007,
"Hatchett Documents - Levi P. See Civil War Records" (online hatchetts.com)
[Original data: Georgia Dept. of Archives and History, Confederate pension records]

Transcribed by Steve Hatchett from photostatic copies of microfilm images.

Questions for Applicant

Houston County  }

L.P.See of said State and County, desiring to avail himself of the Pension
Act (Section 1254 Code), hereby submits his proofs and after being duly sworn true
answers to make for the following questions, deposes and answers as follows:
1. What is your name and were do you reside? (give State, County and post office)
My name is L.P. See, I reside in Fort Valley, Houston Co. Ga.
2. How long and when have you been a resident of this State?
Lived Ga all my life
3. When and where were you born?
In Meriwether Co. Ga 1842
4. When and where and in what company and regiment did you enlist or serve?
In Jan 1864 at Columbus Ga, Co. F 2nd Ga Battalion Reserved + was
transferred to 5th Regiment Co. F Ga. Reserves
5. How long did you remain in such company and regiment?
I remained in first Co + Batallion four or five months and in last company named
until close of the war
6. When and where was your company and regiment surrendered and discharged?
April 1865, at Bentonville N.C.
7. Were you present with your company and regiment when it was surrendered?
I was not
8. If not present, state specificaly and clearly where you were, when you left
   your command, for what cause and by what authority?
I was sent home on sick furlow and was on my way back to my command and was cut
off from my command and I was then sent to Columbus Ga to meet Wilson's Raid
and was attached to the 3 Ga. Regiment.
9. How much can you earn (gross) per annum by your own exertions or labor?
If I could get work to do I could earn twenty five or fifty dollars
10. What has been your occupation since 1865?
11. Upon which of the following grounds do you base your application for
    pension, viz: first, "age and poverty", second, "infirmity and poverty",
    or third, "blindness and poverty"?
infirmity and poverty
12. If upon the first ground, state how long you have been in such condition
    that you could not earn your support? If upon the second, give a full and
    complete history of the infirmity and its extent? If upon the third, state
    whether you are totally blind and when and where you lost your sight?
I have heart trouble and nervousness and Rheumatism and am paralyzed in right leg and
cannot stand any exertions at all
13. What property real or personal or income do you possess and its gross value?
$15 or $20 worth of house furniture. No income at all.
14. What property, real or personal did you possess in 1894, 1895, 1896, 1897, 
    1898,1899, and 1900 and what disposition, if any, by sale or gift have you
    made of same?
I only owned one house in 1894 + 1895 + 1896, + sold him to pay my debts
15. In what County did you reside during these years, and what property did you
    then return for taxation?
In Crawford Co. Ga.  One house, house furniture + farming tools
16. How were you supported during the years 1899 and 1900 +1901.
Partly by what work I could do myself + by my children
17. How much did your support cost for each of those years, and what portion
    did you contribute thereto by your own labor or income?
About 65 to 70 dollars. I contributed very little
18. What was your employment during 1899 and 1900? What pay did you receive in
    each year?
Worked on a farm. I only received what my children gave me for support
19. Have you a family? If so, who composes such family? Give their means of 
    support? Have they a homestead?
Yes, wife + three grown daughters, keeping house for me Daughter works at a 
knitting mill. I have no homestead
20. Are your receiving a pension? If so, what amount and for what disability?
21. Have you ever made an application for pension before?
Yes, I have applied twice
22. How many applications have you ever made and under what class?
Under this same law both times which is indigent
Sworn and subscribed before me this the 8th day of May 1902
S.T. Hurst, Ordinary of Houston County

L.P. See (his signature)

Affidavit of Physicians

Affidavit of Physicians
R.L. Coates M.D. and M.S. Brown M.D.
A constant sufferer of Nervous Indigestion and he states he is a victim of 
acute Rheumatism. His physical condition is below par
27th Aug 1902

Miscellaneous Documents

(abstracted data)

documents mention he was a cobbler 1905-1907

documents show he received pension in 1902 and 1905-1907

Letter from L.P.See in Pension Records

Mr. J. Ludsey Com of Pension
it seems that you want to know how I got of this of aramy  I will make a true
statement to you  Me and my personal witness CB Avery who is on the pension 
role was furloughed by our regimental Surgeon at the same time at Macon
Ga while we were at home our command joined Johnson's army it went into N.C.
When we got able we went to Camp direction Macon Tha sent us from there to the
Camp of instruction Hamburg S.C. from there to Lamars Mills of S.C. where the
3rd Ga. Reserve was camped  We was detached to it - then we was turned back to
Columbus Ga. met Wilson's Raid who made us prisoners Carried us to Macon
Peroled us on the April 28th 1865 - I hope you will consider this statement
Yours very respectfully
L.P. See
Ft Valley Ga

Widow's Affidavit

Confederate Soldier Pension Records - Widow's Affidavit,
hatchetts.com, abstract, online http://www.hatchetts.com/hatchett/documents.html
Original data: Georgia Dept. of Archives and History, Confederate pension records.

Abstracted by www.hatchetts.com from photocopy of original document.

Widow's Affidavit
Mrs. M.E. See
married L.P. See on the 12th day of Aug 1867 (could be 1864)
L.P. was resident of Houston Co. at time of death in March 1908
3 Nov 1911
                        ME x See
                3 Nov 1911